A short story about us

NAZ is the sexual health charity dedicated to providing culturally-specific sexual health services to those historically left behind. From London to Cape Town, Harlem to Brasilia, HIV disproportionately affects minorities.

Adding to the complexity, HIV is interwoven into the struggles against homophobia, poverty and gender-based violence worldwide, with those most at-risk those most regularly left behind in campaigns, outreach and treatment.

For 27 years, NAZ has been on the front-lines fighting and advocating for those whose everyday lives require a deeper, more compassionate understanding of their lived experiences.

Our feature-length film, “FACES”, which was created in collaboration with Joseph a. Adesunloye, is testimony and testament to lives often overlooked or disregarded in the fight against HIV. It is an acknowledgement of the culturally-sensitive and specific approach required to handle lives with care, and acknowledges the effects of shame and stigma that so adversely affect marginalised lives. By centring those for whom visibility is lacking, “FACES” sends a powerful, necessary and enduring message.

Global statistics on HIV and Aids are well documented, what is is their stories. This is what FACES to brings to light.

We hope that through this film and NAZ’s broader work that people living with HIV are seen and valued. NAZ exists because you exist.